Appeal to Ashington folk

Hello everyone!

My name is Cameron Morin, I am a French and Scottish PhD researcher at the University of Paris, co-supervised at the University of Edinburgh. My research is in sociolinguistics and dialectology, especially dialects of Northumberland, and I view my research as an effort to contribute to a growing body of academic research on dialects spoken in Northumberland.

As part of my PhD, I had planned a 1-month fieldwork trip in Ashington, in order to conduct a survey with speakers there. However, as you may know, travel restrictions between France and the UK have been reinforced because of Covid, and I have no certainties as to when I will be able to go to Ashington in person.

Due to this complication, I have built an online version of my survey, and I am trying to recruit participants from Ashington remotely. I am looking for participants with the following background:


Are you :-

Aged 25–50
Born and brought up in Ashington
Have spent most of their life in Ashington
Parents are from Ashington or Northumberland
If your background fits the above criteria and you would be interested in participating, please get in touch with me at cameron.morin @ so I can send you the survey (which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete).


I would also be grateful if you could forward this message to people you know who might be interested in taking part. If you think your background may be relevant for the survey but doesn’t quite fit the criteria above, you are welcome to send me an email.


Many thanks for considering taking part in this study or circulating it !

All the best,

Cameron Morin, University of Paris & University of Edinburgh


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2 thoughts on “Appeal to Ashington folk

  1. Hi my name is Marie. Im 41, Ashington born, as were 2 generations before me. We’ve all lived in and around Ashington our hole lives.
    Im more than happy to take part in your survey.

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