There is a wealth of work written in and about the Northumbrian Dialect.  Examples will appear here.

For Wor Cissy   (by Terry Common)
Ah used tae luv yon times in the summer holidays when we wud gan ower tae bide whe uncle ind auntie Robson it The Craig. It wisn’t aal that far from the village really, in fact, ye cud see the smoke from the chimleys, arly mornin, but it wis. . . . .

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When a Northumbrian Speaks t’Ye, Ye See   (By Fred Reed)
When a Northumbrian speaks t’ye, ye see.
He’s taalkin’ in the tungue o’ history.
He disn’t wave wi’ wild gesticulations;
Ye’ll knaa jist whaat he means bi intonations.

The Sang O Thi Cullercoats Toorist Offis   (By Peter Arnold)
Northumbria is wor habitation,
An it’s heor that wuh aall luv ti dwell,
An wuh’re aall varry. . .
(…continued  Here..)


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