Although our ‘Listen’ page (Here)  contains audio examples stretching back to the last century, there are also videos of the language and dialect in use.  Here are some.
If you have, or know of, others, then please get in touch.
If you’d like to read some dialect, then here is the page you want.


Let’s start with Raymond Reed talking about the death of dialect and survival of the language at the Societys’  2013 Roland Bibby Lecture.



Nick Short
video Nick Short Northumberland dialect poem by – YouTube 




Whe’s Tellin Hoafies?
Our popular language game, often played at events. This from 2017.

Stuart Lawson, Peter Arnold, and Hazel Dickson



Richard Fawcus reciting ‘Gansey Blue’


Professor Henrike Lähnemann, Chair of German Studies at Newcastle Unviersity, explains the main differences between the way Geordies (people from Newcastle-upon-Tyne) speak and standard English. She also highlights why this dialect sometimes sounds a bit like German or Scandinavian.



Fæder Ure Lords prayer in old English Northumbrian dialect Englisc





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