In furtherance of its object, the Northumbrian Language Society establishes an honourable Fellowship of the Society, such Fellowships to be bestowed upon any individual who, in the opinion of the Society’s membership  shall be so deserving:-
a) for outstanding services as a creative writer of verse and/or prose to the literature of the Northumbrian language ; or
b) for outstanding services to the Northumbrian language by way of research, exposition, developmental studies, or by other means.

As at May 2021, Fellowship has been awarded to the following individuals.

Fred Reed   (dec)
Sid Chaplin   (dec)
Ellen Mitchell   (dec)
Roland Bibby   (dec)
Linda McCullough-Thew   (dec)
Robert Allen   (dec)
Nancy Ridley   (dec)
Tom Hadaway   (dec)
Bob Bolam
Katrina Porteous
Raymond Reed
Kim Bibby-Wilson
Johnny Handle
Alex Swailes
Hazel Dickson
Nick Short
Peter Arnold


(dec) – Deceased.

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