The Witch of Edlingham

The return of the Witch!

An alleged local witch who was indicted in January 1683 will make a dramatic re-appearance at The Memorial Hall, Warkworth on Wednesday 23rd February 2022.

Margaret Stothard was summoned to appear before Henry Ogle J. P. with her life at risk, having been charged with ‘Maleficium’ or ‘harmful magic’. Find out if she is found guilty or not in the forthcoming production of ‘The Witch of Edlingham’.

This ‘play for voices’, created by local writers Paul Mein and Mike Lyons, is based upon the original depositions against Margaret, now held by Northumberland Archives at Woodhorn Colliery. Only four of the eleven featured characters are fictional, the remainder being actual participants in the proceedings, several of whom were the alleged witch’s main accusers.


The full Press Release is available HERE





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