The Northumbrian Language contains words which Standard English does not.  Moreover, the dialect and accent can only be expressed in print by altering the spelling of common words to better reflect the sound of them.

For instance:-

Tek ya coat off, mek it luk as if ya stoppin.
Noo then marra, let’s hev a crack. Whaat fettle?
Canny? That’s not what aa hord. Aa wis telt yi wor at death’s door wi yon Coavid.
Mind, yi luk aalreet. Full o gob an aal. 

Or, for the Cockneys and Cornishmen, and others, who find it hard to appreciate, here is the translation:-

Welcome. Please make yourself comfortable.
Let us have a conversation, my friend. How are you?
Fine? That isn’t what I heard. Someone told me you were very ill with COVID.
However, you seem to be recovered and full of your usual good natured chat.


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