A5 sized, 70 pages


Introduction by the Duke of Northumberland






A5,  71pages

Poems  produced for the 800th ‘birthday’ of Rothbury Forest

The Duke of Northumberland provided an introduction :-

Peter Athey’s witty and often irreverent perspective on local life is delightfully refreshing.  History, nature, landscape and local characters past and present are woven into a rich tapestry of poetry, in local dialect, to mark the eight hundredth birthday of Rothbury forest.  To add to  its charm few outside Northumberland could interpret the verse, particularly after a few drams, so it will take its place amongst the many hidden gems that make this area so special and peculiar.

As Lord of the Manor of Rothbury, which title is about as important as a ‘cow up a cundy’, I recognise the places and some of the people mentioned in this book.  The bleak and beautiful landscape and the colourful characters, honed by war, work and weather over hundreds of years, make the perfect subject matter for Mr Athey’s talents. 


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