St Oswald’s Day Service: First Lesson

Forst Lesson from Isaiah 32: 1-8

Behowld a king’ll reign fairly an rulers’ll rule i justice

Ivery porson’ll be a hidey-hole frae thi wind an a shield from thi storm, leyk a rushin born i thi desert, leyk thi shade ov a muckle styen in a kizzend land.

Then thi glimmers o them whe can keek will see an thi lugs o them whe can heor’ll pay mind.

Thi ignorant’ll knaa an uptake an thi tung-tied’ll yammer on lood an strite.

Thi gowk’ll ne langer be caalled noble an thi bowdykite’ll nae be weel thowt on. Thi gowk dis wrang, ee leaves thi hungry hungerd an frae thi thorsty haads back wettor.

But the noble porson ettles gud an, by gud deeds, stands.

Hear the words spoken at the service by the Chairman John Davidson

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