7 In Print

The Language in print

This section neatly splits into books about the language and dialect,
and books that use the language.
The definition of ‘using’ the language is a bit loose, in that there are many poems in dialect, and we have meany, many examples of prose written in dialect,  To get the best out of written dialect, you need to have tuned in your ears.  Go to our page containing audio and video examples of dialect speakers to hear what the sound shoudl be, pick up the rhythm, and and the cadence, and practice to yourself the burr version of a the letter r.
Even better, come along to one of our meetings, and hear the language in action.  We’ll also help you speak proper if you want to try yourself.

The Library of reference books is on this page.

The Library of dialect works is on this page.

The audio.video page is here

There have been dozens of books about the dialect.  The Society maintains an extensive bibliography, of which entries on the website are only a tiny portion.

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